You’ll Never Believe Which Vegetables This New Frankenfood Combines (It’s Brussels Sprouts & Kale)

Your mind probably won’t be blown and your life won’t be change, so apologies if the headline led you to believe the world would appear new again in your eyes as a result of learning the hippest food out there. But yes, the trendiest of trendy vegetables have come together to combine into one frankenvegetable — BrusselKale.

It’s called Kalette elsewhere, reports USA Today, but will likely be hitting stores nationwide this fall under the name BrusselKale. You might’ve seen it already, however.

The tiny cabbage-like veggies with frilly green leaves and swaths of purple is the product of 15 years of crop breeding in the UK by Tozer Seeds. It’s not genetically modified, as brussels sprouts and kale are both in the cabbage family.

Tozer calls the veggie a “fusion of sweet and nutty.” Just like your Aunt Jodi from Arizona, the one with all the turquoise.

So why BrusselKale, why now? Because we’re all just batty about hybrids, says the vice president of produce and floral for a food company, pointing to just one example.

“The honey crisp apple is becoming a real craze in the industry,” he said, noting that the apple is a cross between a Macoun and honey gold first produced back in 1960.

That’s not to mention the tangelo, the pluot, tomtato, tangelo, blood lime and the Ugli fruit. Poor thing.

BrusselKale could be the superfood we’ve been waiting for [USA Today]

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