Former Town Official Gets Five Years’ Probation For Stealing $460K In Quarters

An ex-inspector for a New Jersey town who pleaded guilty to stealing $460,000 in quarters — yes, that’s 1.8 million coins — from the city’s parking meters has been sentenced to five years’ probation. The inspector apologized, and will have to pay back almost half of what he stole.

A New Jersey Superior Court judge spared the former official from a prison sentence, reports CBS New York, one that could’ve landed him in the hoosegow for up to five years.

In response to criticism that the official should’ve had to pay back all of the money and go to prison, county prosecutors said the deal took a lot of time to negotiate, and this way, it’ll “get as much of the money back to the public as quickly as possible,” adds Assistant County Prosecutor Daniel Keitel.

If he had been sentenced to prison for second-degree theft, he wouldn’t have had to repay any of the money, Keital noted.

He’ll be paying the village $2,000 a month for five years, and the town will also get to keep the $4,000 it seized while searching the official’s home.

Back in March, the former public works inspector admitted he toted out 11.25 tons by the fistful over 25 months, switching which bank branches he used as well as coin machines to keep his scheme under wraps.

Former Ridgewood, N.J. Village Worker Gets Probation For Stealing $460,000 In Quarters [CBS New York]

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  1. Snarkapus says:

    Let’s see, 2000x12x5+4000 is 114,000 which is wayyyy less than “The inspector apologized, and will have to pay back almost half of what he stole.”

    • MathManv2point0 says:

      You are correct in that 2000X12x5+4000 is lower than half of the $460k, in fact, it’s just over 25%. However… 2000x12x5+4000 = 124,000 not 114,000
      Booya! :oÞ

      In going to the source article his “paying back of nearly half” consists of an initial down of $64,337.55, the $4,000 seized at his house, the $120,000 in payments over 5 years and he has to “give up” his $30,000 pension. Not sure why he would even deserve his pension and how it could be considered a “payment” to the NJ town that he stole from but the settlement involves other items that do add up to nearly half.

  2. APK1080 says:

    What a deal, I would take that in a heartbeat. If I could see the future and know I would get 5 years probation and a few hundred thousand dollars in my pocket I would be all over that action.