Pilot Knows How To Handle Stranded Passengers: Buy Them Pizza

You get a pizza, and you get a pizza, and you get a pizza...

You get a pizza, and you get a pizza, and you get a pizza…

The most we’ve ever received from an airline for being stuck on the tarmac for hours was some water and repeated assurances that we’d be moving shortly. But not so for passengers on one diverted Frontier Airlines flight where the pilot treated everyone on board to free pizza.

9News in Denver reports that the Frontier jet was en route from D.C. to Denver when it had to be diverted to Cheyenne, WY, because of bad weather on Monday night.

Knowing he and his passengers would be stuck in Wyoming for a while before being allowed to continue on to their destination, the pilot ordered 50 pizzas from Domino’s which were delivered to the plane and paid for the entire mega meal himself.

“If the need arises you need to take care of your family; you need to take care of your passengers,” explained the captain. “They are my responsibility the moment they step on the aircraft until they get off the aircraft.”

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