These Disk Drives Play “Stairway To Heaven” Better Than That Guy At The Party With A Guitar

Anyone who’s ever walked into a college party knows that if there’s a guitar around, at some point it will definitely be picked up and used to play “Stairway to Heaven,” often, by someone who could be described as, “That guy who plays ‘Stairway to Heaven’ at a party.” Add a bunch of disk drives to that list, and they probably do it a lot better than those amateurs.*

The YouTube user behind this gem has also programmed its computer symphony to play Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence,” as well as the themes to the Lord of the Rings movie series and Back to the Future in the past.

And again, it’s probably a lot more talented than that guy at the party at 2 a.m. who doesn’t realize no one wants to hear his repeated attempts.

Sorry, guy.

*Seriously though, do your thing. Keep practicing. But do your thing.

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