Forget Looking Under The Stall Like A Creeper: New Product Lights Up Restrooms Like A Parking Garage


A rendering of Tooshlights from the company’s website.

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, but sometimes public restrooms can make that task more difficult and awkward than it needs to be.

New product, Tooshlights aims to help consumers “know where to go” while avoiding those intrusive sneak-a-peek under the door maneuvers, NPR reports.

By using the same technology employed in large parking structures, Tooshlights can detect open spaces by either lighting up or keeping a stall dark, depending on the occupancy.

The idea was born out of one of the most common public restroom problems: long lines.

The operator and the long-time audio, video contractor for the Hollywood Bowl teamed up about a year ago to create the product after receiving complaints about the long wait times.

Tooshlights fit above most standard restroom stalls and use LED lighting to detect when a stall is available.

So far, the concert venue has installed 67 Tooshlights to mostly positive reviews.

“Women, they definitely love it,” the inventors tell NPR.

But Tooshlights aren’t just for women’s restrooms, it can also work for a men’s bathroom with as little as one or two stalls, the invetors tell NPR.

The units install for $300 to $800 per stall and come with customizable options. As an added bonus, companies can choose to collect data on bathroom traffic from Tooshlights that could make it easier for venues to improve their facilitates.

Eventually, the creators of Tooshlights plan to integrate mobile apps that will allow concertgoers and sports fans to see what restrooms are close to them, and whether there are toilets available.

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