Cops: Driver Who Fled Scene Of Crash Was “Too Busy Drinking” To Take A Breath Test

There are many ways you can get in trouble for drinking and driving, and refusing the take a test to prove otherwise because you’re too busy guzzling booze, well, that might be one of the most direct routes to incarceration.

Police in England say a driver involved with a crash with two other vehicles fled the scene, reports the Manchester Evening News, and skipped out to head to a local pub afterward.

When cops arrived to find the woman gone, they caught up with her at the pub. “What happened next?” the police Twitter account tweeted.

“Breathalyzer?” one user guessed.

Not so much — police say she reportedly “refused to give a specimen of breath (too busy drinking) & was summarily arrested,” the police department’s Twitter account of the incident reads.

Driver arrested after refusing to give breath test because she’s ‘too busy drinking’ [Manchester Evening News]

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