Single-Serve Beer Brewer Might Soon Join Your Single-Serve Coffee Maker On The Counter

synek A new product aims to translate the convenience associated with making a single cup of coffee at home to consumers’ other favorite drink – beer.

The yet-to-be released Synek draft system brews a personal pint of beer anywhere, mimicking the fresh from the tap experience, ABC News reports.

The product, which is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, is the brainchild of St. Louis resident Steve Young, who noticed a need for longer term beer packing. To tackle the question, Young quit his job as a stock market analyst and jumped into the hoppy beer stream.

Young claims to have answered the question with the toaster oven-sized Synek, which preserves the quality of beer for over 30 days by using a UV protected vacuum-sealed bag.

All beer lovers have to do is fill the Synek bag from any tap. The product’s Kickstarter page claims “if a brewer can fill a growler, they can fill a Synek.”

Next, insert it into the dispenser to chill and pressurize your brew. And, finally, enjoy the fruits of their of your small labor.

Officials for Synek say the bags are easily interchangeable and can maintain carbonation outside of the dispenser; that means pouring one serving and switching the bags won’t waste your libations.

Local laws on producing, distribution and consuming beverages prohibit sales of Synek in Alabama, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Dakota and Vermont. However, it could be available in other states as soon as next spring if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

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