Police: Man Swipes 72 Pounds Of Whole Frozen Chickens, Drops’Em Off At Day Care

Let’s get one thing straight — day care is meant for children, not for stashing things you don’t have time to take care of at the moment. For example: 72 pounds worth of whole, frozen chickens that police say one man swiped from a truck and decided to hide at a local day care.

Police in Delaware say a 49-year-old man took possession of a bunch of chicken that had been on a delivery truck, reports DelawareOnline.com.

And apparently the day care workers didn’t appreciate the dropoff, confronting the suspect when he came back later to reclaim his purloined poultry. Officials say he tried to hide the goods behind the facility, which happens to be near the grocery store where he allegedly grabbed the chicken.

A worker saw him and confronted him, at which point he ran off and the facility called the cops. Police reunited the frozen chicken with the delivery driver.

The next day the suspect decided it might be safe to get his stash back, but when a worker confronted him again and tried to follow him, police say the man slashed at the worker in the back with a steak knife.

He was later spotted by police officers who were able to arrest him, and charged him with second-degree assault, theft under $1,500, resisting arrest and offensive touching (ostensibly for the slashing, not for handling the chicken).

Police: Chicken thief slashed day care worker [DelawareOnline.com]

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