Kittens Accidentally Shipped 130 Miles In A Box Are Ready For You To Adopt Them

(San Diego Humane Society)

(San Diego Humane Society)

Because you might as well call this site Catsumerist considering the all-consuming love we have for the furry little felines, we thought our readers should know that Mouse and WiFi, aka the kittens who survived 130 miles packed in a box as newborns, are now up for adoption. Ready, set, awwwwww you’ve got a new cat. [via San Diego Humane Society]

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    and in light of being savings minded consumers, if you can’t adopt them, check with your local rescues and shelters- june is official adopt a cat month and most rescues are running adoption fee specials of some sort. if you were already considering adopting, this is a good month to do it

  2. careycat says:

    I agree , if you’re not in the San Diego area, check your local shelter or Craigslist – often Craigslist pets end up in shelters for 48 hrs then… :( – in Nashville, TN the adoption fee is $5 for a cat / kitten!