Dealership Employees Take Rare Ferrari Out On Highway, Crash It

A non-crashed Ferrari Enzo. (Axion23)

A non-crashed Ferrari Enzo. (Axion23)

When you bring your vehicle in for repair, you sort of expect that your vehicle will be waiting for you when you return. A mattress mogul left his Ferrari Enzo with a Connecticut luxury car dealership, and two dealership employees crashed it, fishtailing and then spinning across three lanes of highway traffic on I-95.

When something similar happened to a Camaro, a massive public shaming campaign helped convince the dealership to replace the vehicle. That will be a little harder with this vehicle: there are only a few hundred Enzos in the world, and they now sell for millions of dollars on the secondary market.

While the dealership surely has insurance, serious damage to such a rare car is a sad day for anyone who knows anything about Ferraris, or at least anyone who has watched the BBC’s “Top Gear.”

Jalopnik obtained a copy of the crash report, which you can read here. Fortunately, the two dealership employees driving the car only sustained minor injuries. The dealership isn’t responding to press queries, so we don’t know whether the employees were taking the car out for a joy ride or simply checking its operation at highway speeds as part of their jobs.

Of course, as children of the ’80s, there’s only one thing that we can picture upon hearing that two guys went for an ill-fated ride in someone else’s Ferrari.

Crash damages Michael Fux’s rare Ferrari Enzo [Asbury Park-Press]

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