Good News: Best Buy Doesn’t Really Charge $70 To Deliver Dryer Power Cord

Good news from Best Buy! Remember reader Christopher? He was shopping for a dryer on the Best Buy web site when he saw that while the delivery on his dryer is free, but delivery on his $30 power cord cost $70. There’s good news: Best Buy contacted him through us, and he learned that this was all a terrible mistake.


Sure, he could probably use the cord from his old dryer, and he could always go pick up the cord for free if he’s able to travel to the store, but that’s not the point. Fortunately, it was all a terrible misunderstanding within the poorly set up system. One reader told us that the delivery fee for the dryer would be waived once you go all the way through checkout, but this would require going all the way through checkout.

“Best Buy reached back out to me and advised this was a glitch with the website that has been corrected,” Christopher updated us. “I’ve checked a few times over the past couple of days, and it does look like it’s working properly now.”

More importantly, his new dryer has been delivered and is working just great.

Best Buy Delivers Your Appliance For Free, Power Cord For $70

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