Delta Apologizes For Ghana Giraffe Gaffe On Twitter

The Tweet from Delta has since been deleted and replaced with an apology from the airline.

The Tweet from Delta has since been deleted and replaced with an apology from the airline.

Last night, the U.S. men’s soccer team edged out the team from Ghana for its first victory in 2014 World Cup play. People everywhere went online to congratulate the team, including Delta Air Lines, which didn’t do quite enough research about the wildlife in Ghana before it Tweeted.

“Congrats team #USA! Nice goal @clint_dempsey @soundersfc! #USAvGHA #USMNT #DeltaSEA,” wrote the airline in the typical garbled mess of @s and #s that now constitutes actual human communication.

But it wasn’t the abuse of hashtags that irked people, it was Delta’s decision to represent Ghana with a photo of a giraffe, an animal you won’t find in the West African nation.

In addition to the giraffe photo inaccurately representing the fauna of Ghana, a number of people took offense at the use of a typical “safari”-type photo to represent the people of an entire country… especially since Delta operates flights in and out of Ghana’s capital city of Accra. You’d think the airline might have a more representative photo of the country.

The Tweet almost immediately resulted in negative feedback from people online and Delta eventually pulled the image and Tweeted an apology.

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  1. MissPurdy says:

    What would people do if they couldn’t get in their daily doses of twitter outrage? People get offended for the most menial things that when the real sh*t does hit the fan no one will care.

  2. SingleMaltGeek says:

    Eh, it was off base, but IMO the images make a really nice juxtaposition. It’s a shame they didn’t get their facts right, but otherwise it was a nice idea. I really wouldn’t care if someone on the other side of the world thought capybaras lived in the wild here in the U.S., although for a company that is in the travel industry, they should have done a little due diligence.

  3. FusioptimaSX says:

    How sad. This only perpetuates the stereotypes out there. Apparently Africa is just a “country” to the US. Disgusting.

  4. furiousd says:

    I’m curious what people from Ghana would expect the underpaid young person tasked with managing Delta’s social media presence to have chosen. I’m also curious what Ghanans would prefer to have as a single image to sum up the US soccer victory for a tweet made by an airline. It’s just such a narrow niche… anything other than a screenshot of the winning goal I’m sure would offend someone quick to take offense. Even then, was a royalty paid to the team members for use of their likeness? The cameraman? The groundskeeper? Etc?