The Aaron Paul Xbox One Ad Will Mess With Your Xbox One

aaronpaulFor months, Microsoft has been airing ads with people hollering “Xbox On” and “Xbox Do This Thing That Doesn’t Really Work The Way You Show It In The Ad” but those ads were somehow not triggering users’ Xbox Ones to respond. That is until the new ads featuring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul started running.

In the ad, the actor is lounging on his couch and playing video games, watching TV, presumably while waiting for a batch of crystal blue persuasion to finish cooking in the meth lab he built with his DVD royalties.

So when Paul says “Xbox On,” people with Xboxes have been complaining that their Xbox Ones have started listening. There are numerous people complaining on Twitter about it, and folks mentioning on Reddit how Aaron Paul’s voice commands are working on their consoles.

We just tried it in the Consumerist Bat Cave, playing the ad on a computer in the same room as an Xbox One, and it immediately brought up the DVR controls for the TV.

All we can say is thank god Microsoft has decided that the Kinect is not an essential piece of the Xbox One, because this thing hasn’t worked properly since day one.

So at the very least, the Aaron Paul ad is a reminder to remove the Kinect and drown it in a river.

[via AVclub]

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  1. MathManv2point0 says:

    The Need for Speed? Xbox One adds?

    Aaron, you’re seriously better than that. You won 3 freakin Emmy’s. Get a new agent.

    But than again, if you’re happy, who am I to judge, but still, you can do better…

    • ReverendTed57 says:

      There’s actors who have to take roles in commercials to make money. Obviously, I have no way of knowing for sure, but I’m not sure that’s Aaron’s angle here.
      This seems like a good ad to be in to increase visibility with an audience of the proper demographic.

      • MathManv2point0 says:

        What I do appreciate is the add ends with him answering the phone and saying “Yoooo…” and you he ALMOST says his tag phrase.