Moscow Mall Creates Replica Of Times Square, Because Apparently One Tourist Trap Isn’t Enough

At first the idea of a mini Times Square sounds like a New Yorker’s worst nightmare — the real thing is bad enough, filled with swarms of slow-walking tourists and the glare of flashing billboards incessantly hawking whatever product can afford a spot there. But hey, not everyone can visit New York City, which is why a Moscow mall decided to bring that experience to Russia with a scale replica of the popular tourist destination.

As my younger self who lived a few blocks west of that area at one point can attest, Times Square can be hell on Earth for anyone trying to actually get somewhere — work, home to the couch after work — as opposed to visitors who flock to that area to check out the sights.

Because not everyone has access to such a sight, the scale replica at a Moscow mall has taken the trouble out of flying to NYC by creating a replica of the tourist hotspot that features all the fun of bright lights and big city, but without being an actual part of a city, reports UPI.

The VEGAS Crocus City mall enlisted Philips Lighting to brighten up the model with 16 million different colors, using the same technology that lights the Empire State Building and the London Eye. The billboards are there, along with TVs and even the TKTS podium selling discounted Broadway tickets. Except it doesn’t sell any actual tickets, I’m guessing.

“This ambitious project included a media facade and a unique light design that mimics the shopping area of Times Square, demonstrating the growth of our business as well as our local expertise. That’s why we are truly proud of what we have achieved today,” said Marina Tyschenko, the head of Philips Lighting in Russia and CIS.

And hey, at least no one is trying to get through the crowds to catch their morning train. Now if someone could just create a scale replica of my couch and set it up everywhere I feel like napping, that’d be great.

Moscow mall recreates mini-replica of Times Square []

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