Sears Reminds Customers: Only 199 Shopping Days Until Christmas

holiday_creepReader Andy sent us this e-mail he received from Sears as an example of Christmas Creep. He was confused that the retailer has already started its holiday marketing. A look through the Consumerist archives leads to a different perspective. It indicates that maybe Sears has figured out when the major gift-giving holidays actually are.

Usually, the stores of Sears Holdings Corporation are way ahead of the curve when it comes to holiday decorations. They’ve pushed “last-minute gifts” in mid-November, and early Christmas displays in July and airing holiday-themed commercials in September.

While this e-mail uses the good name of the holiday season to coax Andy back into a Sears store, think of it this way: it shows that Sears is at least aware that there’s more than six months until Christmas. Maybe they’ll hold off on putting the bears and ornaments out until maybe July this year?

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  1. Mokona512 says:

    Wow only 199 days left, thanks sears for not reminding me earlier, now I am panicking and rushing to get all of my holiday shopping done :(


    I wonder if they will have any last minute deals that will still end up being more expensive than most other stores regular price.