Yahoo Ditching Google, Facebook Logins For Flickr Accounts By End Of The Month


Time to switch.

After announcing in March that it would phase out third-party logins for photo-sharing site Flickr, Yahoo says it’ll be killing off Google and Facebook logins on June 30. That means you’ll need a Yahoo account to sign in and access your photos.

Per the notification that pops up for Flickr users:

“Hi Flickr User, After June 30, Flickr will remove the option to sign in with a Facebook or Google account. Instead, you will be able to sign in using a Yahoo account.”

You can then either go through the steps to connect an existing Yahoo account with your Flickr page, or create a new username. It’s a one Flickr account per username system, however, so if you have more than one Flickr account you’ll have to sign up for multiple Yahoo accounts.

“Yahoo is continually working on improving the user experience,” a spokesperson told InformationWeek in March. “This new process, which now asks users to sign in with a Yahoo username, will allow us to offer the best personalized experience to everyone.”

This decisions has of course met from some opposition, because change is anathema to happiness for many people, no matter what’s evolving. Common complaints on the official thread for questions — the annoyance of having to manage another username and passwords, or general difficulty:

Have been contemplating moving to Google+ for sometime. Think I shall take this as a prompt and close my account.

I’ve lost all of my pictures from this switch. I am unable to figure out how to link my previous Gmail account to my new Yahoo account. I thought everything would switch over…ugh! My Gmail account has all of my pictures and my Yahoo account has nothing. I’m frustrated because I’ve been sitting here fooling with this for 3 hours. I do not want to start all over.

Adiós, flickr.

It’s worth noting that the third-party login option has only been around since 2011, so let’s hope this won’t affect too many people.

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