Does Your Local Pizza Hut Have Anchovies?

anchoviesReader Matthew knows what he likes, and he’s not ashamed. He likes anchovies. Plenty of other people like anchovies, too, but evidently not enough. They have now disappeared from the menu at his favorite local place, and the nearest Pizza Hut only has enough to last for just ten more pizzas. Ten more pizzas.

We called up The Hut and asked nicely whether they’re getting rid of anchovies chain-wide or this is a regional or franchisee decision. They have not yet returned our call. which means that either they’re very busy or anchovies are not a priority. Probably both.

They aren’t on the online menu at my local Hut, but that doesn’t mean anything in the big picture.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 3.03.56 PM

If you look through national news archives, the disappearance of anchovies has been gradual. One Iowa Pizza Hut manager explained way back in 2011 that so few people order anchovies, it was actually wasteful. “We’d open a can for one order and throw the rest away, so we quit the anchovies.”

Anchovy-lovers of Consumerist, are you facing similar problems? Does your local Hut offer anchovies, and are they a common offering at your local pizzerias? We want to know. Please e-mail us your tiny, oily fish woes at and put ANCHOVIES in the subject line.

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  1. SingleMaltGeek says:

    Seriously? I can buy a 2oz tin of anchovies for $1-$1.50, so food services should be able to get them for under a dollar. Even if there’s no profit in it, they could charge enough per anchovy topping to recoup their costs for the whole tin, which would guarantee that they keep the business of us anchovy-loving consumers.

  2. richardhuffman says:

    This reminds me of that incredible documentary about street kids in Seattle in 1982: “Streetwise.” One of the kids in the movie had an almost foolproof way to get free pizza. He’d call up pizza hut, and order a loaded pizza with anchovies to go. But he’d never pick it up. And because no one walking into the store was going to buy a pizza with anchovies on it; even at a discount, they’d end up throwing it in the dumpster in an hour or two… where the kid who ordered in the first place would grab it, pick off the anchovies, and eat his free dinner.