Oh Look, A Countertop Ice Cream Sandwich Machine

Here at Consumerist, we enjoy bringing you the very latest in useless appliances that are glorified toasters or waffle makers. Cupcakes? Pies? Dog treats? Pretzels? Hot dogs? If you’re really into any of these products, you can find a dedicated electric countertop cooker for them. Should you? We don’t know, but now there’s an electric ice cream sandwich maker that you can set on your counter as well.


If you’re so into ice cream sandwiches that you need a dedicated appliance for them, we are somewhat concerned on your behalf. Come to think of it, this monotasker makes even less sense than the pretzel machine or the cake pop machine, since you still have to go to the effort of combining the cookies and the ice cream into a sandwich-like object.

We must be wrong, though, because Amazon reviews for this product declare it to be “great for kids.”

Nostalgia Electrics ICS-100 Electric Ice Cream Sandwich Maker [Amazon]
ATTENTION: This is a Real-Life Ice Cream Sandwich Maker [Foodbeast]

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  1. OrionBFury says:

    I get the reasoning behind it. The tools for it look straight forward and easy to use. You can use any kind of ice cream to make the sandwich, as well as customize the flavor of the cookie part. Also, what if you have dietary concern? Want frozen yogurt sandwiches? And whats stopping you from using it as just a cookie maker? (Though you could use an oven for that, but the cost to run this machine for a handful of fresh cookies may be cheaper)

  2. Cara says:

    Huh. If I or the kids ever want to go through the process of making an ice cream sandwich, we just use store bought chocolate chip cookies. I don’t think we’ll ever need to purchase a dedicated cookie maker just for that. I’m not really sure who would? Seems like it’d take up such a large amount of space for something that gets used so rarely.

    I think I might be more willing to buy this if it had a spot you could put a scoop of ice cream, and it’d reshape it into the appropriate shape, and keep it frozen, then assemble the sandwich. Maybe.

  3. Pitcherhill says:

    I WANT one!