Amazingly, Diners Didn’t Want To Eat At Toilet-Themed Restaurant

A restaurant whose entire bathroom-related theme — complete with toilets as seats, dishes with hilariously fecal names, and miniature toilet-shaped bowls for your food — seems to have been cooked up by a potty-obsessed two-year-old has closed down after an eight-month run, suggesting that most people would rather put foods in their mouths without thinking about how that food will ultimately exit their bodies.

The owners of The Magic Restroom Cafe in City of Industry, CA, apparently thought that customers would want to sit on actual (though non-functioning) toilets in a room decorated to look like a bathroom while eating Taiwanese food.

But not just any Taiwanese cuisine. No, the MRC kicked it up a notch with some dishes with clever names like “black poop” and “smells like poop.”

Perhaps it would have all been more acceptable if the food was better, as many reviews on Yelp (which, granted, doesn’t always give the full measure of a restaurant’s quality) point to the dishes being “nothing special,” “sub-par,” or “just okay.” Many people who went to the MRC during its brief time in this world say their primary purpose in trying it out was to see the decor and to take photos, which is probably why there are more than 400 of them on Yelp for a restaurant that wasn’t even open a year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go to the city health department to get approval for my new food truck, the Vomit Van, soon to be serving extra-chunky guacamole at corner near you.

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