100 People Waited In A Rainy Line For 24 Hours To Score Free Chick-fil-A For A Year

What would you do for 52 free meals? Would you forgo the delights of home and sleeping in your own comfortable, dry bed to camp in line overnight through the rain? Because that’s what 100 people hungry for free Chick-fil-A did in Baltimore.

In what sounds like one of those situations where the poor souls stuck together for extended periods of time come together in shared misery, the first 100 people in line at the local Chick-fil-A seemed pretty pleased with the whole thing, rain aside.

“I’ve got one year, 52 meals, for chicken. I’ve waited 24 hours. This is the seventh time I’ve done this,” one customer told CBS Baltimore. “I’m happy. It’s good friendship. Good community. We get to be with friends and we love it here.”

Others are repeat waiters too, and have been rewarded yet again for their fortitude in the face of 24 hours of awfulness with a card loaded with 52 free meals.

The store just opened, and its owner says the staff is ready to go, with this first wait just a test of what’s to come.

“We had a dedicated crew through the rain and everything. They stayed happy. There were here all night. They were raring to go first thing this morning. I’ve never seen people so excited,” said the owner.

Really? Never? Free food is great and all, but then there’s the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, teenage boys at a comic book convention and me on payday, so, start looking around. Excitement is everywhere.

Despite Rain, 100 People Don’t Chicken Out & Get A Free Meal For A Year From Chick-Fil-A [CBS Baltimore]