Do You Remember The Time You Signed Up For The Consumerist Newsletter?

cistnewsletter1Reminiscing is such a delight, isn’t it? Perhaps you don’t have anything special to dwell on in your recent past, a nostalgic treat to snack upon in days to come. How about that time you subscribed to the Consumerist newsletter, which is right now? You’re welcome.

Because you can trust us not to sell or rent or otherwise disperse your information out to anyone, you can trust that we’ll shoot a fresh, hot and tasty newsletter to your inbox every Friday. It’s a filling morsel that you can wax nostalgic about for ever and ever.

And it’s easy, to boot: Fill out the form below or OR CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE.

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    as a person who receives the consumerist newsletter, i can vouch for the lack of spam and lack of unsolicited contact since signing up

    • LauraNorthrup says:

      It’s a great thing to send to people who you think might like Consumerist, but who aren’t into RSS feeds and who don’t want to read 150 posts per week. It’s our best stuff of the week in one delectable assortment.