Sure, A Terrorist Attack Map Cheese Plate Sounds Like A Fine Idea

The new 9/11 Museum at the former site of the World Trade Center might be New York City’s hottest tourist attraction right now, and both the museum and its gift shop of items in questionable taste have been in the news lately. Here’s the latest head-scratcher featured online: a map-shaped cheese plate marked with terrorist attack sites.

No, we are not kidding. Yes, someone thought that this would be a good idea, and someone designed and manufactures it. Gothamist brought us this terrible news.

A cheese plate shaped like a map of the continental United States would be unusual and unwieldy, but kind of patriotic. Maybe it would work for a highbrow Independence Day celebration. It’s the three dots on the map signifying Arlington, VA, Shanksville, PA, and New York City that make the plate unappetizing.

Gift shops are a big revenue center for museums; no one disputes that. Most of the items in the museum are at least on theme and not completely crass. Still, some victims’ families find the entire commercial enterprise distasteful. Is it in poor taste to sell beautiful photos of the Twin Towers when they stood? What about stuffed search and rescue doggies?

“It’s hard to corporatize something that is essentially a cemetery,” one Manhattan resident who was a preteen at the time of the attack told the New York Post.

This 9/11 Cheese Plate May Be The 9/11 Museum’s Most Tasteless Souvenir [Gothamist]

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  1. mjbressman says:

    I was just at the museum yesterday and think that they did an excellent job with it…very sensitive and appropriate considering the topic. I was also really pleased that most people acted appropriately in it (only two instances of people who were acting totally inappropriate).

    I will say that the idea of a gift shop isn’t the most appealing thing in the world (although it wasn’t centrally located and you weren’t forced to filter through it on your way out), and perhaps some of the items in it might not be the best ideas to sell (although we didn’t actually go in the gift shop), but I understand the need for it and for the admission fee right now. However, I really am disturbed by the fact that the museum receives no federal funding whatsoever and needs to resort to a gift shop and admission fees to sustain itself. I think it would be appropriate for the federal government to step in and fund it so that everyone could go visit (and I do think that everyone should go visit at some point).

    • CommonC3nts says:

      Wow, I looked it up. The museum is a private museum, not owned by the city, state, or federal government. It is owned by the “National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center” foundation.

      I cant believe they did not make this a national park or a Smithsonian Museum.

      This is what the Museaum offers: “Exhibits in the museum include 23,000 images, 10,300 artifacts, and nearly 2,000 oral histories of the dead provided by friends and loved ones, in addition to over 500 hours of video.”

      Now the price tag is a joke. “Tickets to the museum are priced at $24”.
      That is insane when it really is more of a memorial than a museum. I dont know anyone that would pay $24 a person to visit a memorial.