Man Steals Bread Truck, Keeps Making Deliveries (Sort Of)

My mom always said to me, “If you’re going to steal an in-use bread delivery truck, it’s only common courtesy to keep making the deliveries.” Of course, it doesn’t help if those deliveries are just to random businesses that didn’t order any of the bread.

That lesson is being learned by a 29-year-old man from New York, who was arrested for allegedly stealing a bakery’s delivery truck in Manhattan.

According to, the man swiped the truck on Monday morning outside an Upper East Side pizzeria, where the actual driver was making a delivery to an actual customer.

Alas, he left his truck idling outside, apparently making it a target for the wannabe delivery guy.

The thief, who has no license, took off in the truck and then went about “delivering” almost all of the $8,000 worth of fresh baked bread in the back.

“He was delivering bread at random places,” says the bakery’s owner. “It was very bizarre… They were finding bread in front of their doors.”

This bread theft auto incident eventually ended after the driver reportedly began tailing a limousine en route to La Guardia airport.

Unable to shake the bread truck that was following his every move, the freaked-out limo driver had his dispatcher call the Port Authority police, who arrested the man near the airport.

The limo driver says the fake bread guy was only sporting a pair of briefs when he was taken out to the truck.

We couldn’t help but be reminded of Kramer’s bus-driving adventure from this classic Seinfeld:

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