Top Laundry Detergents At Medium Prices Available At Warehouse Clubs

256213-laundrydetergents-membersmark-ultimatecleansamsclubLooking for a reasonably-priced but effective laundry detergent? Consider signing up for a warehouse club if you aren’t already a member of one. Our high-efficiency colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports just put out their list of great performers at reasonable prices, and two of the top three are house brands from Sam’s Club (Member’s Mark) or Costco (Kirkland). Non-members can check out Wisk Deep Clean instead.

Pricier brand-name detergents took the top scores for performance, but the warehouse club brands cost about half as much as big name Tide. The finest liquid detergent/underground currency that Procter & Gamble makes will run you about 28 cents per load, but lower-priced options cost only about half as much.

Low-cost detergents that get top marks for cleaning [Consumer Reports]

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