What Could Possibly Be Inside Car-Sized Amazon Locker With A Nissan Logo On It?

mysterylockerYet again, Amazon and Nissan have teamed up to bring the world a mystery involving an enormous Amazon-branded container out in public. Last time, the massive Amazon box on a flatbed truck contained a Nissan Versa, which was a great cross-promotion. What could be inside the mysterious giant Amazon locker in San Francisco? Maybe the Nissan logo on one side provides a clue.

The locker landed in a pedestrian plaza in downtown San Francisco yesterday. Its purpose wasn’t clear, though its size provided a clue. Last night, a crew of Nissan promotion peeps added the hashtag and the Nissan logo, and it all made sense.

The contents aren’t all that mysterious. At 6 PM Pacific time today, Nissan will open up the locker and give away its contents. There’s a Nissan Rogue SUV inside. According to Automotive News, the winner will be one of the people who tweets their photo using the hashtag #giantlocker. (It’s not clear whether the winner has to be in San Francisco in the plaza taking a picture in front of the actual locker, or just post a tweet about the locker.)


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