Florists Suffer Apparent Shortage Of Purple Blooms This Mother’s Day

Michelle placed her Mother’s Day order from a site that appears to be a fake local florist, aggregating orders and sending them to local shops affiliated with wire services after taking their cut. She didn’t know that, though, and chose an arrangement based on her mom’s love of purple roses. Got that? Purple.

Here’s what Michelle ordered:


Here’s what the florist delivered:


“Clearly this is an example of what an arrangement of leftover Mother’s Day flowers look like,” she writes. “In addition to looking NOTHING like the arrangement I ordered, the flowers themselves don’t even come close to matching (and half of them were dead).”

The arrangement that Michelle thought she had ordered looked familiar when it landed in our inbox, though. Where had we seen it? Just a few hours before, submitted by another reader who chose this arrangement because his mother likes purple flowers.


Yes, Mike’s mother likes purple too. There are some purple flowers in there…somewhere. Mike reports that he got a partial refund and a gift card, which isn’t so bad, but kind of frustrating when he very thoughtfully picked out something in her favorite color.

This arrangement is out of the FTD catalog, but maybe FTD should consider making it clear that the color palette won’t necessarily be what you see on the site. “We reserve the right to throw in whatever colors we have lying around” would be a very accurate disclaimer.

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  1. CommonC3nts says:

    The issue is they dont even attempt to make their local florists have some kind of inventory or estimate inventory based on weight or volume.

    When you order from the 3rd party flower broker like 1800 flower, FTD, proflowers, etc they just want your money. Then they keep a % for themselves and send the local florist only some of the money for the flowers.
    The local florist, with no digital inventory, will just try to match the best they can with what they have in stock.

    I dont get why people are still using 3rd party flower brokers and overpaying.
    Just call your local flourist and they will tell you if they have the flowers in stock and you will get a better price by cutting out the middle man.

    Also, if I was Michelle I would demand a 100% full refund. Dont give up.
    The only way to hurt them to get them to fix issues in the future is to demand a full refund.

    • C0Y0TY says:

      People don’t want to bother looking up the local florist. They think it’s easier to just call the jingle earworms.