Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Are Preparing Your 2010 Tax Return

asisThe Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a band of fearless retail archaeologists who comb the world’s retail stores for the most ancient and obsolete gadgets and software. (They do not necessarily have to be in a Walmart, though Walmart does have a lot of retail antiquities.) Here are two of their newest discoveries, fresh off the software press in 2008 and 2011.

Reader Knah is a frequent Raider, and he pushed aside some cobwebs in the clearance software section at Target to photograph these retail antiquities.


We would argue, and Tax Dad would probably agree, that if you need to file your 2010 income tax return, you have bigger problems than not being able to find a copy of the necessary software at Target.


That might be a good price or might be a terrible one…we’re not sure, because there is no reason why anyone should be buying this product.


We’re not sure this program would even work: if the virus definitions updated, you might be fine, but we have to wonder what corner of the warehouse they dredged this up from.

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