Time For Another Visit To Deodorant Aisle Of Target’s Reality Vortex

Erika was shopping at Target when she took a step in the wrong direction and ended up in an alternate reality. Or maybe entering a Target store is an alternate reality, where the Doritos are chilled and numbers have no meaning.


Erika encountered this display at Target. While the prices on the shelves were correct, the sizes on the shelf tags weren’t. Yet the prices matched up, and pricing was as labeled on the shelf. Customers get to pay an extra $1.20 per stick of deodorant for the privilege of buying the twin pack.

“We both double checked the bar codes because some of the shelf labels have different names than the actual deodorant label – the single version and twin packs are the exact same product for size and scent,” Erika writes. “So the twin pack works out to about $3.70 each. ‘Buy 2 and save’ indeed….”

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