McDonald’s DIY Seasoned Fries Seem Like A Big Mess Waiting To Happen

(Twitter user: RareBleuSkittle)

(Twitter user: RareBleuSkittle)

We’re not against the idea of seasoning french fries with flavors like “garlic parmesan” or “zesty ranch” (much better than the failed “blasé ranch”), but we are a bit concerned that the DIY seasoned fries being tested by McDonald’s might result in a huge mess.

FoodBeast reports the test product has been spotted at a McD’s in Stockton, CA.

What has us concerned about this idea is that the customer is supposed to use his or her McDonald’s bag in the seasoning process. As you can see from this photo posted by a customer on Twitter, you’re supposed to put your fries in the bag, then pour in the seasoning packet, then shake it all together to coat the fries.

But anyone familiar with McDonald’s paper bags is probably aware that they are not always structurally sound. A little weakness or tear that might not be seen before the fry-seasoning could be exploited during all that shaking, resulting in a fry-splosion.

And how many parents are going to let little Timmy do the shaking? Except Timmy may not know his own strength, or have the forethought to respect the delicacy of the fast food paper bag.

In either situation, your fries and seasoning could end up all over the place if you’re not too careful.

So please, season with caution.

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  1. CommonC3nts says:

    Actually mcdonalds back are pretty strong. Their paper bag thickness is decent.
    You would have to purposely tear the bag as I never had a bag tear by handling it.
    I say you completely made up about mcdonalds bags being weak.

  2. GnRJosh says:

    I’m having a hard time taking this write up seriously. I pour my large fry into the bag whenever I get McDonald’s for lunch on-the-go and eat it that way without any issues, grease and all. I’ve not once had the bag suffer a catastrophic blow-out at the bottom due to excess grease/moisture. McD’s bags are pretty strong. This, I’m afraid, is much ado about nothing and was poorly written. How about, instead of trying to find something negative to say about something that honestly sounds the tits, you instead focus on how it’s about time the fast food companies start recognizing garlic parm fries as a thing to get behind.