The TSA Now Has A Nice Six-Point Throwing Star With Folding Blades In Its Collection



Of course there’s the occasional time you forget that nice set of kitchen knives is in your carry-on, or you didn’t realize that all-purpose razor fell into the bag. But wouldn’t you probably remember not to pack your six-point throwing star with folding blades? It’s just that kind of apparent forgetfulness that has given the Transportation Security Administration a new ninja weapon.

Yesterday’s entry is just the kind of thing that makes me want to pay more attention to the TSA — sure, it’s informative for the public to see what kinds of items are confiscated by the agency so that he or she doesn’t repeat the same mistake.

But it also shows someone at the TSA has a bit of a sense of humor, because it’s not usually a common thing to remind people not to bring a weapon most people have only seen in movies on an airplane.

It’d be like me thinking it was totally cool to toss my nunchakus in my purse for easy access while flying. I’m not going to do that, mostly because nunchakus deserve my respect and would never be tossed, but also because I live in the world and realize the TSA will take them away from me, should I try.

In any case, it’s enjoyable to chuckle about whoever it was that thought it’d be peachy keen to bring such a terrifying thing on an airplane. Enjoy your new spot sitting in a TSA locker, throwing star.

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