Target Explains Refrigerated Doritos, Locks Up The Cheetos

Yesterday, we posted a series of photos taken inside different Target stores across the country. They showed refrigerated cases with the makings for a taco salads: cheese, lettuce, and ground meat. What really confused readers were the racks of small bags of Doritos in the middle of the refrigerated case. Target explained how these displays came to be. Maybe this same impeccable logic also led to Cheetos being locked up in the video games section.

Reader John sent along this photo after we posted the original refrigerated Doritos pictures:


“Target also locks up their Cheetos!” he wrote. Well, maybe that makes sense given the statement that Target sent us about why they were sticking Doritos in the fridge.

A spokesperson told Consumerist, “Target will often display products together to give our guests ideas on how to use the items and create a more convenient shopping experience.”

That’s great, but still doesn’t explain why the corn chips have to be refrigerated. Now, the Cheetos in the video game section: cheese curls are delicious and orange fingers are a menace, so that makes sense.

Target Is Refrigerating Their Doritos For Some Reason

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  1. Airwave says:

    There is a great Italian chocolate [redundant] called Pocket Coffee. It’s espresso encased in chocolate. For some reason, it’s extremely hard to find in stores in the summertime because if the chocolate melts, the espresso escapes etc, etc. But what I don’t get is that they still sell other chocolates. Huh?

  2. C0Y0TY says:

    I don’t know about the puffs, but you should try the crunchy Cheetos refrigerated. I found years ago that crunchy cheese curls are a lot better from the fridge for some reason. It may be more tactile than taste, but I like them better that way.