You Can Make Your Own Greek Yogurt At Home

If you like the texture and protein content of Greek yogurt, but don’t like the prices and want to avoid products thickened with milk powder, there’s another option that is often cheaper: make your own at home. No, we don’t mean fermenting your own yogurt from scratch, though that isn’t very hard either. Start with plain regular yogurt and strain it yourself, which somehow still costs less per ounce than buying a whole container of Greek yogurt.

Our protein-packed colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports tried this out in their test kitchens, measuring the yield of super-thick yogurt and comparing the price per ounce to pre-strained yogurts available in stores. Their verdict? Straining your own yogurt can be cheaper, but isn’t necessarily. Organic plain yogurt from Stonyfield Farm cost more than the Greek variety. Store brand plain yogurt from Stop & Shop cost 38% less, and name-brand Dannon cost 15% less.

To be clear, the price calculations come from comparing the price of 32 ounces of Greek yogurt to 64 ounces of regular yogurt.

Their method was simple enough: you need a bowl, a strainer, and some paper coffee filters. Lay the coffee filters out covering the strainer, put the strainer in the bowl, then dump in the yogurt. Cover, refrigerate, and let the filters work their magic for at least six hours.

The disadvantage: you’ll have to make room in the refrigerator, dispose of a bunch of yogurt-covered paper filters, and get rid of your own acid whey.

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