Amazon Stupid Shipping Gang Ships Cat Toy Inside Second Cat Toy

We can’t imagine how difficult it must be to box up packages in an online fulfillment warehouse, working with time constraints to find the best container for an unfathomable variety of products. Yet sometimes the packaging choices themselves are unfathomable, and that’s when we point out that the Stupid Shipping Gang has been at work. Stephen sent along this photo of his cat toy packaged in a comically oversized box.


This is an understandable case: feathers on sticks must be hard to package, especially if the customer hasn’t ordered anything else. Of course, this is Consumerist, where cats are an unofficial part of our editorial mission. “Does your cat enjoy boxes? The box itself could be seen as a giant cat toy,” we wrote back to Stephen.

This hadn’t occurred to him. “I never even thought of that,” he wrote back, “so basically I received two toys for the price of one. Sweet!”

Amazon was just being inadvertently helpful, that’s all. Assuming that his cat likes boxes.

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  1. MarthaGaill says:

    Whatever, that’s a great box to have on hand. Either for your cat to use or to store posters and things. I kind of want to order that now so I have an awesome box too!

  2. webalias says:

    So what’s the problem? As long as the size of the box doesn’t affect what I pay for shipping or how long it takes a product to reach me, I don’t care if Amazon ships me a box of paper clips in a carton large enough to hold a snowblower. In fact, I’d prefer that Amazon ship everything I order in a “comically oversized” box. Lately, I’ve found their packaging is often flimsy and inadequate to protect the product I ordered. Last week I had to send back a paperback book purchased from Amazon, because it was shipped in a thin cheap envelope and arrived with every page creased and folded. Last month I received a Blu-Ray (“Patton”) with a case that was dented and mangled, also due, apparently, to flimsy packaging. I had planned to give it as a gift, but felt embarrassed by its condition, so I bought another copy locally and tossed my Amazon blu-ray in the trash. Since it had cost only about $8, it wasn’t worth my time to hassle with a return label and driving to UPS to ship it back. I’m truly hoping for more of what Consumerist calls “stupid packaging” the next time I place an Amazon order.