TSA Extending PreCheck Expedited Screening Program To International Airlines

tsaprecheckmbRelief is in sight, ye weary travelers setting off to farflung parts of this sphere we call Earth: Screening lines at airports are about to get a lot speedier for travelers flying on international airlines now that the Transportation Security Administration has expanded its PreCheck program.

The first foreign airline to join the PreCheck pack is Air Canada, which joined today, reports the Associated Press. More airlines will be signing on soon, according to the TSA.

Before that can happen, those airlines have to update their computer systems to add the extra information needed for printing boarding pass barcodes and the PreCheck logo. Those carriers have to take on the cost of doing such an update, which might be one reason it’s taken this long to get off the ground. Pun totally intended.

The PreCheck system has been a boon to those included in it, who get to leave on their shoes, belts and jackets and not remove bags of toiletries from their stuff. TSA agents can process twice as many passengers in PreCheck lanes than the normal ones, with the program currently operating at 118 of the 450 commercial airports in the United States.

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