Pour Out A Bottle Of Ketchup For 40,000 Pounds Of Fries Destroyed In Fire

(Waterville Fire Department)

(Waterville Fire Department)

These fries are a little overcooked. In a Walmart parking lot in Maine on Tuesday evening, a tractor-trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of frozen Burger King French fries caught fire. destroying the cargo, the truck, and the dreams of the fast food-loving people of New Jersey.

The spuds were on their way from New Brunswick, Canada to New Jersey, where they would ultimately be served up in Burger King restaurants. The local fire chief told reporters that the vehicle’s brakes appear to have overheated, causing the fire.

No one was injured in the tater blaze, but the driver was too embarrassed to identify himself to the media.

Truck carrying 40,000 pounds of french fries catches fire in Maine [WMUR] (Thanks, Peg!)

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