Starbucks: Our Ads With Men Named Duncan Came Before Taco Bell’s Ronald McDonald Spots



Perhaps you had a good chuckle over those Taco Bell ads starring men named Ronald McDonald where the gag is — can you believe this? — they actually prefer the Bell’s new breakfast over McDonald’s. It’s funny because of their names. And while some are calling Starbucks a copycat for its Seattle’s Best Coffee spots with testimonials from men named Duncan pledging their love (because Dunkin’ Donuts!), the company is stressing that its ads came first.

In what resembles a schoolyard spat over who was the first to hit the rim on the basketball hoop, Starbucks has pointed out on its site that despite the similarities of using conveniently named guys, it took that tack first. So there.

“The ad, which appeared before a fast-food chain launched a similar campaign, is part of a national taste test that found people preferred the new House Blend from Seattle’s Best Coffee over a competitor’s original blend coffee,” Starbucks explains on its site (H/T to Business Insider).

To that end, the date on Starbucks’ ad and its 33,000 views is March 24, two days before Taco Bell’s, which is up to 2.5 million views.

So, you win, Starbucks. At least, you win the title of Did It First.

Below, both ads so you can watch and compare. And if your name is Wendy’s and you prefer Burger King, well, you’re about to be famous.

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