Of Course There Are Dance Parties For Kids At NYC Nightclubs

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about standing in really long lines to get into a place filled with blaring music and people packed so tightly your ribs felt like they’d never be whole again. That’s not true (my dreams involved drinking legally at the annual summer music festival) but then again, I didn’t grow up in New York City, where kids these days can fulfill all (or most) of their clubbing dreams at a young age.

And while there’s no alcohol allowed for the underage set because duh, these monthly dance parties take place at real NYC nightclubs, with a real (kid) DJ, hopefully complete with tiny bouncers manning mini sets of velvet ropes. They’d be in charge of boosting self-esteem instead of the other way around, if I had my way.

Anyway, a company called Fuzipop puts on these events for kids under 12 during clubs’ off-hours, reports CNNMoney. The husband and wife team behind it started the company after throwing a birthday party for their son at a club where the husband worked, and the idea caught on with other parents.

“This is what we used to do all the time but don’t get to do anymore,” he explains.”Plus, everyone is always looking for family entertainment and we know the kids will have a blast.”

As for the adults hanging out these kid soirees, there’s a full bar available to pass the time while 200 children scream along with whatever Kylie Cyrato song is on. You know, the ditty about coming in like a forklift or a construction site? That one.

New York’s hottest nightclub… for kids [CNNMoney]

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