Just What Tourists At The Empire State Building Needed: A Ford Mustang Blocking The View

In a publicity stunt that rivals its original stunt from 50 years ago, Ford perched a shiny yellow Mustang on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

To celebrate 50 years of the iconic Mustang, Ford once again assembled the car atop the Empire State Building for revelers to gawk at while taking in the views of New York City, CNet reports.

Back in 1965, Ford came up with the clever idea to showcase its newest vehicle by assembling a white convertible on the observation deck. Today, a brand-spanking new 2015 yellow Mustang convertible sits waiting for car enthusiasts and tourists. Unfortunately, the visitors will only be able to look at the vehicle from afar.

Following six weeks’ worth of planning, which included trial runs getting the vehicle’s pieces through 3-foot door opening and up 86 floors, crew were able to assemble the Mustang in six hours during the middle of the night.

The car will be on display until the observation deck closes in the early morning of April 18.

Ford builds Mustang 1,000 feet up on the Empire State Building [CNet]

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