Lawsuit: Magically Slimming Underwear Didn’t Do Any Magical Slimming

Why would you buy a slimming garment? Because you want it to make you slim, obviously. So when two Massachusetts women bought special skivvies marketed based on their weight-reducing ingredients and felt that no such weight reduction happened, they decided to sue.

The two women filed a civil lawsuit in federal court today against Maidenform and Wacoal America, claiming deceptive advertising of products like iPant and Instant Slimmer tricked them into buying the garments, reports the Boston Business Journal.

They’re seeking class action status, saying the garments made by both companies use a fabric that is marketed as being “constructed with minerals and nutrients that are absorbed by the skin and can permanently change women’s body shape and skin tone.”

Those apparently magical ingredients “prey upon women’s insecurities about their body images,” because the companies are aware that the shapewear industry is a very profitable one in the U.S.

The plaintiffs claim they paid up premiums of up to 50% to buy the garments to get the benefits of these advertised special bpowers

The plaintiffs were harmed, the suit states, because they paid as much as 50 percent premiums to buy undergarments falsely advertised as having these apparently special powers.

If I could give my underwear a special power it would be to turn into cash when I need it. Great party trick.

Massachusetts women sue undergarment makers over slimming claims [Boston Business Journal]

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