Amazon’s Algorithm Evolves To Suggest Just The Right Stuff For Drug Deals

Very helpful, Amazon.

Very helpful, Amazon.

Listen, Amazon. There are lots of things a person might use a scale for, various things that need weighing and so forth. But if you happen to be in the market for a particular scale that happens to be popular with drug dealers, Amazon’s purchase recommendations algorithm thinks you might be in the market for say, plastic baggies and rolling papers.

“Silly Amazon, what do I need a ‘spice’ grinder for?” you might be chuckling, as did one Redditor who discovered the online retailer’s drug-related savvy and noted, “Oh great, now Amazon thinks I’m a drug dealer.”

Turns out if you search for a particular scale, the AWS-100 digital model seen here, Amazon knows that other people who bought that scale went on to buy various and sundry items related to the drug trade, including: Pipe screens, a rolling tray with papers included, the Air Tight Odorless Medical Jar Herb Stash Medicine Container, a drug testing kit and of course, the TAP DAT ASH ashtray.

Of course, it’s not like Amazon is intentionally telling you how to go out and be the best drug dealer you can be, but when one person is in the business of buying certain items, well, others might be too, and Amazon is prepared to be helpful.

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