Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find Great Deal On AC/DC Rock Band Tunes For PS2

2009 doesn’t seem that long ago, but it’s a very long time when counted in game console years, which are much shorter than dog years. That’s how long this copy of AC/DC’s songs for the game Rock Band has waited for its forever home. If you still have a PlayStation 2 and don’t mind wasting $25 or so, could you make room for it?


“According to, the release date of this title was 6/8/09,” notes tipster Jason. Yes, and that advanced age means that you can now find copies on Amazon for less than $4 (eligible for Prime) or only a penny (plus shipping.)

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  1. SirJanes says:

    At Walmart we just found several hundred discontinued 13gal tall kitchen white plastic bags at less than half the price of the current 13gal bags. The two prices were on display side-by-side. There are bargens out there too.