Pot Vending Machine Is Like That Awesome Idea You Had Once In College, Except It’s Real

It was around two in the morning one winter morning back in 1996 — or wait, was it three a.m. in 2001? You can’t remember. All you know is the brilliant idea you had that one time after watching Half Baked and smoking you know, “the reefer,” is now a reality. A new company has debuted its pot vending machine in the only place that can welcome it right now, Colorado.

I know, I know, you totally thought of this first (“So like, what if instead of chips? We could put in money? And get out weeeeed?”). I believe you, friend.

But time and tide wait for no man, and the tide has already come in for American Green’s new ZaZZZ, the first machine that verifies a person’s age before dispensing pot and pot products, reports KUSA-TV (link has video that autoplays).

“They would swipe their driver’s license at which point multiple cameras would allow us to use some advanced biometrics to make absolutely certain that the person who swiped the card is the owner of that card,” the owner of the company behind the new machine explains.

The machines won’t just be sitting out in the open for anyone to take advantage of and possibly try to plunder, but are instead designed to remain inside legal dispensaries. Sort of like an automated express kiosk at a grocery store.

The owner of the first store to host the machine will help make sure no products grow legs and walk out the door without being paid for, as each item will have a radio frequency identification chips on them.

“This takes a little pressure off of the people monitoring the medicine area so they don’t have to look over shoulders. You can fit a lot more choices in a small area,” he says. “There’s no theft issue, There’s no product disappearing.”

Until it gets back to your apartment and the five roommates you live with. Then it’s up to you to lock down your stuff. And hide your Cheetos, while you’re at it.

Company unveils first age-verifying, pot vending machine [KUSA TV]

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