Another Thing For Airbnb Renters To Worry About? Your Home Turning Into A Brothel

"She did what in my bed?!?" (poopoorama)

“She did what in my bed?!?” (poopoorama)

Much like the time your parents got an unexpected phone call that their car now resided upside down in the neighbor’s swimming pool, some Airbnb renters are none too pleased to find their homes have been used for ah, sexual recreation purposes that require police attention. In essence, beware the brothelization of your home.

When you think about it, what’s not to keep the sex trade from treating homes like hotels, well, besides the law and all that. There are beds, four walls and a door that locks.

All amenities that proved too tempting for one alleged prostitute in New York City, who the New York Post says rented a 29-year-old publicist’s apartment as her hourly love nest from March 21 to March 23.

“She told me that she was in the Army and needed a place to hang out before she got shipped out,” the woman said of her Airbnb renter. “She said she was being deployed that week. She was asking for places to go out with her friends.”

She was shocked to get a phone call from the police then, after the alleged prostitute was slashed by a client over the price of his “massage.” She says she returned home to find paraphernalia like baby wipes, the woman’s “calling card” and “at least 10 condoms.” Aaaaand cue shudder.

Airbnb put her up in a swanky hotel for two night with free room-service meals and paid to change her locks, clean the apartment and replace pillows and other belongings.

“The entire hospitality industry deals with issues like this, and we have zero tolerance for this activity,” Airbnb said of the incident.

It’s not just this one isolated incident — of course there was that sex party situation as well — one escort tells the NYP that her service will rent out apartments for an entire week for the sole purpose of hosting clients.

“It’s more discreet and much cheaper than The Waldorf,” said the sex worker adding that escort services and the like can save a few hundred bucks a night by not getting a hotel. “Hotels have doormen and cameras. They ask questions. Apartments are usually buzz-in.”

Now I’m feeling pretty good about the fact that no one would ever pay to stay in my falling down, slanty-floored apartment, not even prostitutes. Silver linings, y’all. Silver linings.

Hookers turning Airbnb apartments into brothels
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