Yum! To America: Pay No Attention To Our New Chicken Restaurant, It’s Not For You

Silly Americans, Super Chix isn't for you.

Silly Americans, Super Chix isn’t for you.

On the one hand, it’s kind of odd that Yum! Brands, parent corporation to one chicken establishment already with KFC, quietly opened up a new chicken shop in Arlington, Texas with little to no ado. On the other hand, the company says it pulled the sneak-opening of Super Chix because it’s not like you’ll be able to eat there elsewhere in the country anytime soon, if ever.

Tongues are wagging over the fast food surprise that some are calling a response to Chick Fil-A stealing the chicken crown from KFC in recent years, reports AdAge.

Among its limited offerings like fries and frozen custard is a chicken sandwich it’s touting as “the last true chicken sandwich,” a premium menu item that might bring up a Chick Fil-A comparison, but the entire concept is limited so far to a single location.

A Yum! spokesperson confirmed that Super Chix is part of the brand family, which isn’t apparent in any of its marketing efforts thus far or on the restaurant’s website. At the same time she said this restaurant idea will end up somewhere else in the world other than the U.S., if at all.

“This is an exploratory concept that may in the future be considered for international purposes,” a spokeswoman said in a statement. “It is only in its infancy stage. We’ve explored other concepts over the years and they provide interesting learnings.”

Which all seems kind of odd, as the “hand-breaded” chicken is touted as free of MSG, high-fructose corn syrup and phosphates. You know, the kinds of things American consumers are increasingly worried about or at least paying attention to now in fast food.

So okay, Yum!, we’ll go along with this for now. But keep your eye out for any more Super Chix, just in case. We’ll just have to wait and see, though don’t be surprised if you start hearing about a new chicken spot in your town in a year or so.

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