These Dogs Are Totally Amused By FedEx Guy Chasing After His Runaway Truck

fedexrollinghorzThere are so many great things going on in this home surveillance video featuring a FedEx guy frantically chasing after his truck that I’m having a hard time believing such a perfect set-up. Are we getting Punk’d? Is that still a thing? Why not just leave the “e” in the word?

Anyway, because nothing humorous can ever escape the all-seeing eye of the Internet, this gem of a video from a homeowner’s surveillance camera is now being enjoyed by the masses.

And the first to get a kick out of seeing the delivery guy chasing his wayward vehicle? The dogs in the yard across the street. They’re just happy to see the truck roll up because what’s that? A moving thing! We can watch it and chase from afar!

And once things get rolling, it’s even better — watch for the dog that actually jumps over another in excitement as the truck rolls merrily along and the guy attempts to jump back in it as it’s going.

Another moment that seems to be evidence of some kind of cosmic luck? Well, just watch through to the end. I’m no fan of spoilers.

(H/T to HyperVocal)

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