The Nintendo Power Glove Is Born Again As… An Oven Mitt, Obviously

(Power Mitt)

(Power Mitt)

I’ll be the first to admit that my video game talents as a child lay more in the Nintendo Power Pad than in the Power Glove, but it still feels good to welcome back an old friend. Though this time around, Fred Savage would be pulling a roast out of the oven instead of competing in Video Armageddon.

The Power Live has been resurrected by a California designer with a penchant for turning movie products that exist onscreen into real products, like the soap from Fight Club. Although in this case, the Power Glove was a real-life product as well, but I digress.

It’s a different story this time around, with the Power Oven Mitt that yes, looks just like the Nintendo glove everyone was obsessed with in The Wizard. After he made a few mitts that proved popular, the designer put the idea up on crowdfunding site IndieGogo and successfully raised more than $20,000, reports, with 32 days still to go on the campaign.

You’ll have to keep an eye on this if you want it — the designer says on his page that he doesn’t “plan to make a million of these things, so if you want one, this is your chance to get one..”

Are you listening, Savage? Or have had you had enough of the Power Glove to last a lifetime?

The Nintendo Power Glove Is Back—For Baking Cookies! []

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