More Dish Soap Is A Worse Deal At Walmart

Larry has learned well here at Consumerist. When he was shopping at Walmart recently, he picked up some dish soap. Before assuming that the larger quantity was the better deal and tossing the 38-ounce bottle in his cart, he stopped to do some math. That’s when he learned that the math on these bottles was a little fuzzy. Sudsy?

dishsoapage“I was reaching for the larger bottle thinking that it was the best deal, but I decided to check the math to make sure,” he wrote to us when he sent in this picture. “Suprisingly, the 38 OZ bottle came in at $0.1176 per OZ while the smaller bottle came in at $0.1096 per OZ. Not a big difference, but I still bought the smaller bottle!”

There’s probably some retail logic to this scheme: maybe the larger bottle is the more popular one because customers prefer to buy soap less often.

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