Man Keeps Asking ATM For More Money, It Obliges With $37K His Account Didn’t Have

In what I can only imagine is the most exciting thing to happen since the game room vending machine at the lodge where we held family reunions started spewing free candy, a man with only a few hundred bucks in his bank account was able to withdraw $37,000 from a very obliging ATM.

Our story doesn’t end with a shopping spree montage and slow motion footage of the man making it rain cash, however, but not for lack of trying: says that a homeless man had filled up shopping bags full of cash from a glitchy ATM in Portland before police arrived and yes, made him give it back.

According to the police, a woman called the police at about 5:30 a.m. one morning to report that a man was spending a lot of time at the ATM while she was waiting to use it.

When police showed up at saw him stuffing cash into shopping bags, they realized it was the same man who’d been sleeping in the ATM vestibule earlier and had been told to move along.

Apparently the man had used his bank card to withdraw $140 and then decided to just keep going and take out more.

“And it gave it to him,” said a police lieutenant. The bank decided it was a glitch, and won’t be pressing charges. At least we got to keep the candy, so that story still wins.

ATM glitch gives homeless man $37,000 []

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