Don’t Like 24/7 Billy Joel? SiriusXM Can Just Suspend Your Service

40sjoelLate last month, SiriusXM took ’40s on 4, its earliest decade-themed station, off the air and replaced it with a three-month temporary station that plays only the music of Billy Joel. Earlier this week, we shared a reader’s tip to complain and get a three-month refund for the inconvenience. Well, SiriusXM is on to us.

The station’s fans include a much more diverse range of people than you might think, most of whom are well under eighty years old. They also have satellite radio subscriptions so they can listen to the stations that they pay for in the car.

Katie called to complain, and SiriusXM had a new offer for people unhappy with the programming change: if she likes ’40s on 4 so much, they can just suspend her subscription for the three months it’s off the air. Some people might think this is a fair compromise, but Katie isn’t one of ’em.

Her subscription would be on “a total blackout and then restart service on June 26,” Katie writes. “This reminded me more of a punishment to a child, for complaining about what I was promised was taken from me ….therefore they are taking everything away.”

Katie’s subscription was paid up through the end of 2014. She didn’t like SiriusXM’s proposed compromise, so she asked to cancel her subscription instead. She wasn’t set up with credit card auto-renewals, so she doesn’t have to worry about her account going zombie and SiriusXM charging her again later on.

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