Samsung Indifferent About Exploding Washing Machines

washsplosionMaybe my standards are low, but I do expect my home appliances not to explode. When that happened to one Missouri couple, they called up Samsung for help. Since the couple had owned the machine for 14 months, the warranty was up and Samsung didn’t particularly care. They had spent $1000 on the machine, and expected more from Samsung.

This story does have a happy ending, but only because local news station KMOV got involved. Samsung will haul away and replace the couple’s pricey matching washer/dryer set.

The company’s theory as to what happened? There may have been an off-balance load in the machine, which caused the violent “explosion” as the internal parts hurled around at a very high speed. That’s possible, but conveniently puts the blame on consumers.

Another customer had the same thing happen to her washer, which was a lot newer and still under warranty. That didn’t make the experience any less scary, and she made a YouTube video showing the aftermath.

Couple calls Colombo after expensive washing machine explodes [KMOV]

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  1. SingleMaltGeek says:

    These machines are supposed to be designed to handle off-balance loads. How can you possibly balance a load that tumbles around randomly for many minutes before going into a high-speed spin cycle? Or may do multiple spin cycles (with rinses in between), which can cause the clothes to clump on the bottom? Or do these machines come with an anti-gravity field?

    I had a machine that shook like crazy on its first spin cycle, to the point of moving a foot or two in a few seconds, and we called for a replacement. Turns out the installer hadn’t removed some shipping brackets that kept the drum from bashing around during shipping, which meant that it had none of that wiggle room that they’re supposed to have for off-balance loads. I wonder if that could have happened here.

    • MathManv2point0 says:

      Or have an automatic shut off feature for when loads get off balance? I have a relatively low-end washer and a couple times (in several years) I’ll go down and see that the washer had stopped mid-cycle due to an imbalance. It seems funny that a washer less than a third the price of the Samsung has a feature the Samsung doesn’t…

  2. Terryc says:

    I also wonder a front loading washer is not like a top loading washer. Top loading you evenly distribute your laundy and spread out heavier items distribute weight and avoid it becoming off balance. a front loader you put stuff in but it is all at the botton there is no way to distribut the load evenly.